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Art & Paint Initiative

Achieving a more beautiful city by installing art that eliminates the grayness of concrete and turns ordinary objects into beautiful works of art.


Our First Project is Here!

Introducing Stoppy Signs! Starting in Georgetown TX at Southwestern University, HAPI is not only installing our first artwork but celebrating the historic Red Poppy Festival. We believe that art has the power to uplift communities and enrich lives, and our Stoppy Signs are a perfect example of this philosophy in action. 


Our Organization

Find out about our mission, methods, and vision of bringing happiness to Houston.

The Problem

Houston is a tangled mess of
gray highways

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The city of Houston is surrounded by concrete structures most of which consists of highways and roads. The geographical location of Houston also doesn't have much beauty to offer other than downtown skyline and parks. HAPI aims to redefine the grayness of Houston and make it beautiful.

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The best way to get around Houston is by car. Walking or biking is not as common because Houston is so spread apart. With HAPI, not only would the highways be a more beautiful place to drive but it also offers people a chance to walk past them and take pictures.

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Houston was once known for the astrodome, astroworld, and NASA. The astrodome however is no longer in use, astroworld was demolished, and NASA was defunded. NASA is still a big reason as to why people visit Houston but what if they could also experience the world's first art exhibit on the highways of Houston.


Get Involved

You make our program possible. With your support, we can make Houston the happiest city in the world.

Our Work

Creating the world's first wide-scale art exhibit on the highways of Houston.

HAPI provides public art exhibits for the benefit and beautification of Houston cityscapes and neighborhoods. Using funds raised from donors, artists will be commissioned to install artwork in places that suffer from drab grayness. Art exhibits can include painted murals, mini murals, creative gardening, light installations, architectural enhancements, sculptures, and functional art.

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Our Partners

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