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Our Mission:


To achieve a more beautiful city by installing art within all parts of the greater Houston area that eliminates the grayness of concrete and turns ordinary objects into beautiful works of art.

Vision Statement: To spread joy and inspire happiness through city-wide art installations.

HAPI receives funds as a non-profit organization to collaborate with artists who can install art publicly throughout the city of Houston. HAPI emphasizes installing art on the gray spaces surrounding highways. Since the highway system can lack color, HAPI solves this problem by turning it into something that is exciting to observe and experience.

HAPI champions the creativity of people from different cultures and backgrounds to express themselves in a manner that reflects the diversity of Houston. The art installations will be viewed daily by thousands of people, offering marketing opportunities and the potential to become burgeoning tourist attractions. Houston is known for NASA, The Rodeo, and its restaurants, but doesn’t attract tourists commensurate with its size. Houston is the fourth-largest city in the nation yet brings in less tourism than Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. Through collaborative efforts, HAPI forges a path for Houston to become a destination tourism city by offering a unique cultural art experience for all.   


The world’s first wide-scale art exhibit would give visitors an original and personal experience with meaningful, life-long impact. Houston is home to more than 2 million people, 4,000 miles of highways, and a diverse culture. Houston is the perfect destination for this cultural art experience.

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